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Prom is a formal dance Western meeting, participants should wear evening dress, suit, can wear plus size Prom Dresses under 100 the party is an important part of the social dance. In fact, the ball is interpersonal communication, especially the interaction between heterosexual a relaxed, happy good form. Ball generally refers to a kind of recreational social gatherings to participants voluntarily invited to dance as the main content. In the beautiful music, good lighting, foil each other elegant dance, people can not only ease access to relax, but also can contact old friends, make new friends, expand your social circle. All participants are required to dance, dance on his personal behavior, especially in plus size Prom Dresses under 100 people need to pay attention to their presence, always abide by the party etiquette. In general terms, constraints to their performance in the dance floor, the main is today attention to the basic problems in five aspects, inviting, modified, dancing, etc.

In appearance, the ball shall be bathed and participants, combing the appropriate hairstyle. Men must shave, she must shave armpits to wear short sleeved or sleeveless. Special needs to be emphasized two points: first, be sure to pay attention to personal oral hygiene; carefully remove bad breath odor stimuli, and fast food. Secondly, trauma patients, patients with colds and other infectious disease, should consciously do not participate in the party, otherwise not only possible infection to others, but also affect the mood. The parties, people with the condition are to be based on individual circumstances, appropriate make-up. Key man makeup, hair, and skin care is usually cured flavor. Key makeup is mainly the beauty and hairdressing. Compared with the Home Furnishing makeup, makeup for work, party are held in the evening, the dancer certainly difficult to shine and light, so the ball makeup allows relative painted thick, strong. But without the make-up to participate in dance, masquerade makeup should pay attention to aesthetics, natural, do not make enigmatic, staggering. Under normal circumstances, the prom dress must be clean, neat, beautiful, and generous. Conditional word, can wear elegant dresses, fashion, ethnic clothing, some very tall people can wear plus size prom dresses under 100 if the organizers have special requirements, should be carefully followed. At the party, wear a hat, sunglasses are not allowed, or wear slippers and sandals, travel shoes. In a more formal folk dance, generally do not allow a coat, uniforms, uniforms, work clothes. Clothes too exposed, too thoroughly, too short, too small, too tight, motionless is likely to make their own expose, neither solemn, is not appropriate.

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