Brief Introduction to Mens Suit Styles.

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The first men suit style is European suit. What the European suit looks like? The European suit is actually popular in continental Europe, such as Italy, French. In general, they are called European suit. The most famous representative of the brand is Zegna, Armani, and Frey. So what are the basic characteristics of European suits? The basic outline is down trapezoid. It is not inverted triangular, in fact that the shoulder is bread and no waist, which is corresponded with the big figure of European men. We suggest the man who is lean think twice, if you want to choose the European style, when you are choosing your men suits styles. Because we usually don't have enough shoulder breadth. Double-breasted, waist, wide shoulder is also the basic characteristics of the European men suit styles.

The second mens suit style is the English suit. It is a variant of the European suit. It is single breasted, but the collar is long and narrow, and this is mainly because of the main ethnic characteristics of Anglo - Saxon people. Anglo - Saxon people have a longer face, so their suit’s collar is broad, long and narrow. It has three buttons. English suit has three buttons generally; the basic outline is also down trapezoid. Slits on both sides called riding slits; it is convenient when you riding a horse, this is the characteristics of the English version of the suit. There is another slit called middle slit. All these terms are related to equestrianism. That is what the English mens suit styles are.

The third mens suit style is American style. The basic outline of the United States version of the suit is an O type. It is loose and big, and suitable for casual occasions. So the American suits are often in single lot, generally they are recreational style. If you have been to the United States you will find out that the basic characteristics of American general suits can be summed up in two words, which are wide clothes and big trousers. Emphasizing comfort, free, is the characteristics of the Americans. Americans emphasize personalization. To tell the truth, European suits and American suits is not suitable for our Chinese to wear. But what is suitable to our Chinese? There is another kind of mens suit style that is suitable to Oriental people, that is Japanese version of the suit.

The fourth mens suits style is the Japanese version. The basic outline of Japanese suit is an H shape. It is suitable for our Asian men's figure, not broad shoulders, no narrow waist. In general, it is a single-breasted style, and there is no slit. Why most Japanese version of the suit has no slit? Because we are not that tall, while the westerners are bigger than us. Different people need different style, which makes you feel comfortable.
Here is the entire introduction to men suits styles, and if you have anything not clear, you can tell us, by the way, besides the mens suits we also have cheap wedding gowns, are you interested?

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RE: Brief Introduction to Mens Suit Styles.

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