A Lot of Solar Water Heater Techniques

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1 Compact solar geyser .Cut the 2-by-6-inch boards to the dimensions required to construct the frame. the frame described right here actions 34-by-90 inches, but you could possibly desire to adjust dimensions to match recycled supplies, this kind of as outdated crystal glass windows, you currently have on hand. Toenail 2-by-4-inch boards to the bottom at every single end of the frame to assistant the collector plate.

2 You can locate the Masonite pegboard and Styrofoam sheets in the bottom of the frame. The Styrofoam will assist to outdated heat.

3 Cut 6 86-inch lengths of 3/4-inch copper pipe. Weld two copper is to every single end of the end of pipe. Connect every single l to a t with a brief part of directly copper pipe, and weld a length of 86-inch copper pipe among the two Ts. Connect every single t to one more t with a length of copper pipe, and weld a 3rd length of 86-inch copper pipe among the two new Ts.

4 Connect every single T to one more T, facing outward, with a length of copper pipe. Connect these ts to two further ts, facing inward, and connect them with 86-inch length of copper pipe. Repeat for the fifth 86-inch copper pipe. Connect the 6th length of copper pipe to the end with two Ls. The last framework will need to start looking like 6 copper bars kept in a rectangular copper frame.

5 Lay the copper sheet on a flat, difficult surface area and solder the copper pipes onto the copper sheet. Locate the copper sheet and pipes into the frame, on top of the Styrofoam insulation.

6 Weld the provide collection to 1 of the outward-facing ts. Weld the output collection to the other t, which includes a relief valve. Attach a male adapter to the ends of the supply and output collections.

7 Paint all copper pipes and surface areas dark to boost heat absorption. Paint all wooden surface areas with a sealant.

8 Include the frame with crystal glass. You can use a sheet of crystal glass minimize to dimension or recycled glass windows.

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