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Generally flat plate collectors for solar water heaters. Concentrating collectors can focus sunlight to get high temperatures, the focus can be a dot or line, for solar power plants, house heating (heating) and air (air-conditioning), solar heaters. Condenser constructed by the “Fresnel " lens, parabolic mirrors and heliostats. Plane mirrors for solar power tower with a tracking device, and a parabolic mirror generally used in combination.

Our residential design has yet to consider the domestic hot water supply, heat pipe structure, and the family has a hot shower is a necessary condition for a well-off life. China solar collector, relying on conventional energy sources cannot solve all urban residential domestic hot water supply. China's solar energy resources are very rich, there are more than two-thirds of the total area was greater than 502 kJ irradiation / m 2, the annual sunshine hours over 2000 hours; And in recent years, the rapid development of solar water heaters, making the use of solar heating water is not only technically and economically feasible, and already have a competitive with conventional energy sources.

Solar water heaters in the early eighties began to promote in our range of applications including collective bathroom, swim pool heating, industrial and agricultural production heat pipe structure. Now the China solar collector market momentum is gradually tilted to residential hot water in some areas of the country such as Kunming have started to appear in the residential solar water heaters in the unified design and installation, and achieved good social and economic benefits.?

Sunlight different wavelengths of visible heat pipe structure and non- visible light component, the type of material and different colors of light absorption and reflectance of different wavelengths are not the same. Ability to absorb the sun’s strongest black color, it is generally with a dark or black cotton cloth. Therefore, the use of black color can gather heat. Allow the parallel sunlight gathered by the focusing lens in the point, line, or a small area, can achieve the purpose of the collector. Paper in the sunlight, no matter how strong the sun, even in the hot summer sun will not be ignited. However, if the use of concentrator, sunlight gathered in the paper, the paper will be able to ignite. Collectors can be divided into several types’ flat plate collectors, concentrating collectors and flat mirrors and so on.

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