Characteristics and Design Principles of Cosplay Costume

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The cosplay costumes’development history. Cosplay comes from role-playing games. Role-playing games is a kind of games that through playing roles, using imagination, reflect personal life impression creatively. It usually has a certain theme. In essence, role-playing games have a close relationship with the theater. It is said that in ancient Greece, 534 BC, a man named Thespis first person, he was the first person engaged in role-playing games. The earliest in China role of the ancient game should be the old son Levin in Filial Piety. It can be seen, as early as the ancient Chinese and foreign, BC had appeared the prototype of role-playing games clothing.

Cosplay show in the modern sense has two main purposes. On the one hand, is the mean of operating animation and games for businesses to attract customers? Cosplay performances as to attract customers from the United States, 1955 founded the world's first Disney theme park Disneyland, and allow employees to wear Mickey Mouse costume for tourists enjoying or taking pictures deliberately. On the other hand, cosplay has developed into an art performances, namely the visual system. The so-called visual system is a vent rock music. It is through strong visual effects to express the thoughts and feelings. In the singer singing process, through makeup, dress up, pursuit a kind of demon and charm exaggerated form, give the audience a strong sensory stimulation.

With the rise of the Japanese ACG market prosperity and visual kei band, cosplay has entered a golden age of development. Cosplay develops along two paths commercials and performing arts, thus determining the two levels of its apparel development, advertising levels and performance levels. Cosplay costume commercials levels based mainly static mode. What it emphasizes is a kind of appearance similarity with the characters animation, comics and video games, in order to achieve the purpose of advertising. Therefore, the requirements of the clothing is not high, but emphasis on the role of color to mimic the shape of clothing features, embodies a kind of imitability. Cosplay costume in performing arts mainly based on dynamic mode, emphasized in the course of performing, the perfect combination of lighting, costumes, stories, and performances.

In terms of today's cosplay, its content and form generally refers to the fans of comics, video games, novels, movies, puppet shows, etc., use clothing, makeup, props, hairstyles, etc. outside dress up and the imitation of the characters’ words and deeds, to materialize their favorite characters specific works. Of course, it includes some self-original dress style. The one who engage in cosplay is called coser, Most of these players are teenager anime fans, their ages are around 15-25. They work on a certain unit of favorite anime or game to a certain extent, they will be racking their brains to dress up as comic characters.

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