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Realty business has become the the pillar of the economy in China. And construction industry plays an important in the growth of GDP. However, the public complains of that their income level can not catch up with growth rate of national economy. As a consequence, amounts of residential buildings are just standing there without occupants. At the same time, the haphazard investment of speculator worsen the economical condition - The house price get higher and the unaffordable price makes some buildings become the "ghost structure" without occupants. The usage of stone crusher is essential in construction industry. It provides the qualified materials for the construction of buildings. At the same time, it is used to handle series of construction wastes.

Realty business holds the balance of China economy. As an essential construction equipment, stone crusher is applied to contribute to the rapid development. E-pang Palace is considered as the largest scale palace of Qin dynasty. The construction of E-pang Palace has started since the foundation of Qin dynasty and the project has not been accomplished till the dynasty ends. If E-pang Palace has been retained, it must be one of the greatest buildings constructed by ancient people. Just like the Great Wall, E-pang Palace is considered to be impressive and magnificent.

One of the most difficult tasks for the ancient people is the manufacturing process of stones. Without the cement and other advanced building materials, ancient people can only took advantage of natural stones. Generally, the stones mined from the nature is too huge to be transported and it is impossible to use the stones directly for construction. The ancient people used hammers and other backward tools to break down the stones. The crushing process cost too much human energy and too much time. It is estimated that the construction of Great Wall and E-pang Palace is a waste of manpower and money. Some historians believe that the massive construction speed up the destruction of Qin dynasty. If First Emperor of Qin had the stone crusher, he could reduce the expense and finish the project sooner. As one of the greatest emperors in Chinese history, he would be given with the chance to prolong the lifespan of Qin.

Now, the usage of stone crusher avoids unnecessary expense on manpower. Although the construction is more grandiose than ancient building, there is no need to waste manpower any more.

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Was soll der Schwachsinn?

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